People & Talent

Quality development for your staff

As a responsible employer, you want to invest in good quality development for your employees which are relevant to their specific development needs. The i*know leadership development

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People & Talent

Recognition that counts

 recently had a networking lunch with a consultant whom I have worked with on a few previous projects. In between catching up on business opportunities,

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Okay, so the Best-of-Breed option is not perfect however I just wanted to highlight that it is an option with plenty of benefits. Furthermore, it

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In my following blog, I will discuss the need for businesses to deploy non-financial technology solutions to enable our people to service our clients better

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In my last two blogs, I discussed moving your technology to the cloud, and I pointed out that connectivity will probably be your biggest hurdle

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Capex to Opex

Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing speed, making it very capital intensive to keep up.However, with a bit of a paradigm shift, it is easy

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Money Making

I often ask people the following question: “How do you make money?” and then I get answers like: You sell stuff for more than it

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Our new HaaS Offering

HaaS gives you access to the latest hardware, accompanying software, maintenance, installation, and insurance. All this for a fixed monthly fee. With a rental service, you

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“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.”

– Winston Churchill


Technology Selection

Our technology selection process helps you to select the best-fit solution by focusing on your core business requirements rather than bells and whistles enabling you to compare multiple systems in a single and online process.

Project Preparation

Our project preparation services help you prepare your team for the change that the project and new solution brings by addressing capacity and master data challenges proactively.

BluePrint Support

Our BluePrint support services help you and the implementation partner to be on the same page from the get-go and enabling you to control the project scope and cost better.

Implementation Support

Our implementation support services establish a strong governance structure and an integrated project and change management approach that drives project success.

Post Go-Live Support

Our post-go-live support services assist your team from go-live up to the first month-end, enabling you to focus on the business while we manage the loose ends.

“We understand technology, but talk business.”

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