Quality development for your staff

As a responsible employer, you want to invest in good quality development for your employees which are relevant to their specific development needs.

The i*know leadership development program focuses on developing leadership and business acumen skills to ultimately impact on the success of the business.

Our aim is to help leaders who have subscribed to this programme with the following:

  • Become aware of their strengths and development areas by conducting a competency assessment.
  • Determine their development focus and compile a personal development plan (PDP) with the help of a coach/mentor.
  • Participate in a continuous development programme aligned to their PDP which includes:
    • Monthly coaching or mentoring sessions with an accredited coach/mentor
    • Training workshops and/or e-learning with our network of accredited training providers
    • Recommended additional development resources (such as books, articles, videos, etc)

For every 10 people who subscribe, we will allocate a youth leader to a structured development program for a year with a focus on skills in leadership and business acumen. And we will keep you updated on their progress. You will also get access to the entire pool of talented youth who are on our program and we can help with employment through a learnership or bursary if needed.

If you would like to know more, please contact Lida to discuss.

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