Okay, so the Best-of-Breed option is not perfect however I just wanted to highlight that it is an option with plenty of benefits. Furthermore, it also has challenges, so let me highlight a few of them and try to provide ways you can overcome these.

Multiple databases, resulting in multiple versions of the truth. In other words, you might get a different answer depending on which solution you report from.

So how to solve this challenge?

  • Real-time integration – should your environment, skills and budget allow, this is one of the ways to solve this issue, but in most cases, the infrastructure and budget do not allow for it.
  • Data analysis and reporting platform – this used to be a very lengthy and expensive way to solve this issue, but with all the cloud analytics and modern data architecture solutions available, this is becoming a much quicker and more affordable solution and definitely one of my favourites. This could even be a solution to some of your current challenges, should you run multiple solutions with multiple databases.

Multiple solution providers, blaming the provider who is not in the room. This is a real challenge, but not a new one. In the world of IT, we will never have only one solution provider, as there will always be a different provider for different components of IT (hardware, software and connectivity, etc)

So how to solve this challenge?

  • Take charge – my view is that this problem is not going away soon and as such business must enable themselves to take charge and deal with this. In most cases, solution providers get away with this, because there is no-one in the business who fully understands the solution and who can spot the lies. If you don’t have someone in-house, contract someone in with the knowledge and experience to fulfil that role in your team.

Technology can enable your strategy, but you have to allow it to do so by making it part of your strategy.

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