Strategy development & execution

Strategy development & execution

We believe strategy is more than just a document or session. That is why we developed a programme that addresses the most difficult part of strategy – executing it.

Our programme will help you:

1. Clearly word and document your inspiring vision;
2. Formulate a strategy (plan) which will enable you to realise that vision;
3. Translate your strategy into SMART goals, key strategic drivers and KPI’s;
4. Enable you to agree on clear performance contracts with key people; and
5. Assist you with the implementation of the strategy over an initial 12-month period.

We use world-class methodologies and frameworks, such as:

Value Proposition and Business Model design principles by Strategyzer
Strategy mapping using the balanced scorecard principles by Kaplin & Norton
4DX (4 Disciplines of Execution) by Franklin Covey

We will tailor the programme for your business based on size, maturity, and budget.

Our programme

Strategy development & mapping

The programme starts with a multi-day workshop. We facilitate sessions focusing on your vision, mission and goals, your value proposition(s), business model, strategic drivers, strategic gaps, prioritizing strategic projects to address the gaps and ultimately generate an action plan and assign responsibilities to key people.

Monitor & mentor

We facilitate monthly feedback and mentoring sessions to create a cadence of accountability. These sessions are supported by weekly internal sessions to ensure execution happens throughout the month.

Take stock & realign

We facilitate a quarterly “Summit” where we align theory and reality to ensure practical execution. This enables the renegotiation of relating performance contracts with key people.

Strategic projects & initiatives

Strategic projects or initiatives will be identified to address gaps in your business model, enabling the execution of your strategy. We can assist with these and our role plus fees will be determined on a project by project basis.

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