Best-of-Breed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Solution)

In my previous blog, I discussed the two main deployment options of ERPs. Now I want to zoom in on the Best-of-Breed option. By no means do I favour this option above the other, but I have noticed that very few organisations sell this as an option. So, I would like to dedicate this discussion to the benefits of the Best-of-Breed option. Here are my top 3 benefits:

  • As it is separate solutions you will deploy, it is much easier to deploy one solution focusing on one area at a time, compared to when you deploy a single solution ERP and need to consider all the interdependencies created due to the solution design.
  • This obviously translates into a lower impact on or more manageable cash flows relating to the project, however, this does not mean that it will be cheaper. The cost will depend on the solutions rather than the deployment type you choose.
  • A major benefit for me is that, in most cases, it reduces the scope of change associated with such a project, making it more manageable and reduces the overall risk for the business. However, I still recommend that you do a proper change management effort, irrespective of the scope of the change.

Please note that this all depends on your business’ needs. If you don’t have the need for a Best-of-Breed ERP solution, a Single Solution ERP might still be the best way to go for your organisation.

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