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On my homepage, I started to unpack my BaaT conviction and how I believe it is the answer to creating sustainable solutions to the world’s problems.

Many people have asked me about my vision and how I got to the point where I have so much clarity about it. My response is usually something like this ….. many years of unpacking why I am drawn to certain things (generally businesses with a purpose) and asking the question, “Why did my Creator create me?” There is however still so much that I must get more clarity about or that I don’t fully understand yet, so it will continue to be a journey of discovery until the day I die.

I know many people are struggling with some of the same questions I had or still have:

  • What is my purpose?
  • Why do I feel drawn to certain things?
  • Why do certain situations drain my energy, while others fuel me?

So, let me share with you which areas of my life I had to unpack before I could answer some of these questions.

The first area is my convictions.

Here are a few of my convictions to help you get started:

  • I am convinced that everyone and everything on this earth and in the universe have been created for a specific reason and that nothing exists without a purpose. (I must admit, I am still searching for the true purpose of a mosquito. Not to mention that fish can eat their larvae.)
  • I am convinced that we as humans are coded to want to live a life of significance. If we don’t understand this urge in us, we will fill it with insignificant things to find contentment, leading us into trouble.
  • I am convinced that every person has been created with a built-in vision and that we have already been equipped to realise this vision – we just need to want to understand our vision first.

The challenge with convictions is that you might also have untrue convictions. You must identify and reprogram your thinking to no longer believe these lies, such as I am not good enough to have a purpose or live a life of significance.

I want to challenge you to write down all your convictions about yourself and life in general and then work through them over the next 3 to 6 months. Unpack them to understand if they are the truth or just lies. I would highly recommend that you consider doing this with a success partner (mentor, coach or accountability partner) who have no alternative agenda but to see you succeed.

What stood out for me was that when I started to do this, a theme emerged from the convictions that are true for me, giving me more and more clarity about my purpose and vision.

In my next blog, I will focus on personal vision and how I align my career and life with that vision.

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