Virtual RFPs

Continue with your technology selection processes during lockdown

Join many successful organisations

Capture your requirements, vendors submit their responses, your team evaluate and automated consolidation of results – All online with RFP360

RFP360 powered by Grovation™

Vendors submit responses online

No need for a physical meeting, all vendors receive your requirements and communication via the RFP360 platform. No more sending of emails and large bulky files.

Engage with vendors online

Subscribing to the RFP360 tool means you can enter your ERP or systems requirements into our online platform.


Get automated and consolidated results online

Evaluation is done online per vendor, while you can track the progress of each evaluating team member.

Team members do their evaluations online

Receiving all vendor responses online means that there is no need to consolidate feedback or cut down trees for all those responses.

Be productive during lockdown

All results are automatically calculated and consolidated – no need for manual interaction or Excel sheets.

RFP360 subscription

Enable your business to select the best-fit technology, even during lockdown for only R9500 (excl. VAT) per RFP


Enjoy the numerous benefits of an automated online technology selection process for all parties.

  • Ease the process of tedious, redundant and time-consuming Request for Proposals, Information or Quotations (RFPs, RFIs and RFQs)
  • Improve proposal workflow from start to finish
  • Easily control RFP or RFI questionnaire content
  • Collaborate and communicate in one platform
  • Create and collaborate more efficiently than ever
  • Automate workflow so you can focus on answers
  • Track progress throughout the process
  • Automated scoring tables enables comparing results between vendors
  • Easily collect, analyse and present vendor pricing data
  • Transparency on decision-making process
  • Ease of use


“It’s been life-changing. The amount of time we’re saving by having access to data at our fingertips and not having to run in-depth calculations has been amazing. We use a lot of technology, and RFP360 is at the top when it comes to responsiveness."
“Before, we were managing everything through email, so we didn’t have a whole lot of insight into key metrics. Now, we know exactly which vendor teams are working on RFPs, how far along they are in the process, and if they submitted questions to us.”
“Using RFP360 has elevated our offering to the next level — we know our clients are receiving the absolute best results,” Ronni said. “We value the on-going support, prompt response time and customer success RFP360 has brought to ihouse” Ronni said.




“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.”

– Winston Churchill

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Technology Selection

Our technology selection process helps you to select the best-fit solution by focusing on your core business requirements rather than bells and whistles enabling you to compare multiple systems in a single and online process.

Project Preparation

Our project preparation services help you prepare your team for the change that the project and new solution brings by addressing capacity and master data challenges proactively.

BluePrint Support

Our BluePrint support services help you and the implementation partner to be on the same page from the get-go and enabling you to control the project scope and cost better.

Implementation Support

Our implementation support services establish a strong governance structure and an integrated project and change management approach that drives project success.

Post Go-Live Support

Our post-go-live support services assist your team from go-live up to the first month-end, enabling you to focus on the business while we manage the loose ends.

“We understand technology, but talk business.”

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