Hardware rentals with all the benefits and none of the pain.

Haas explained

Capital availability

Non-income generating assets are a liability to your business as it reduces your capital available to spend on income generating assets and activities.

Haas benefits


Hardware support included.


Insurance is included.


Next business day onsite warranty.

No upfront capital

No upfront capital outlay required.

New hardware

We provide new hardware, not refurbished hardware.

Tax deductible

100% tax deductible.

Standby units

Onsite standby units for clients renting more than 20 units.

Latest tech

We offer only the latest technology to our clients.

Financial gearing

Improves financial gearing, making it easier to assess working capital.



“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.”

– Winston Churchill

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Technology Selection

Our technology selection process helps you to select the best-fit solution by focusing on your core business requirements rather than bells and whistles enabling you to compare multiple systems in a single and online process.

Project Preparation

Our project preparation services help you prepare your team for the change that the project and new solution brings by addressing capacity and master data challenges proactively.

BluePrint Support

Our BluePrint support services help you and the implementation partner to be on the same page from the get-go and enabling you to control the project scope and cost better.

Implementation Support

Our implementation support services establish a strong governance structure and an integrated project and change management approach that drives project success.

Post Go-Live Support

Our post-go-live support services assist your team from go-live up to the first month-end, enabling you to focus on the business while we manage the loose ends.

“We understand technology, but talk business.”

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