Modern organizations depend heavily on an increasing array of apps, systems and services to operate efficiently and grow their businesses, but sharing data between them is one of the biggest challenges facing IT today. Grovation™ has partnered with Flowgear to deliver a robust and scalable solution for all your integration & automation requirements.

Flowgear offers integration and automation on premise and in the cloud
Boost productivity and profitability through pre-built, reusable integrations and APIs



Flowgear's iPaaS platform

Integration Platform as a Service enables organizations of all sizes to build powerful Application, Data and API integrations in minutes not months, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premise, all from a single interface.

The cloud-based platform significantly lowers the time, cost, and technical skill required to create, edit and manage enterprise-grade integrations.

Access all your data in one place

Flowgear acts as a single interface from which organizations can access all of their data, providing one platform to transform data, build real-time integrations and orchestrate data-based workflows.

The platform has over 200+ pre-built product and technology connectors, API’s and workflow templates and is backed by a professional services team and robust service level agreements.

No more hand-coded connections

Eliminate the time and cost of developing and maintaining individually hand-coded, point-to-point connections.

Flowgear delivers the agility organizations need to deal with the rapid pace of change associated with cloud-based applications by creating reusable workflows, integrating SaaS applications and automating time-consuming, repetitive processes.

Flowgear subscription

Flowgear offers an enterprise-grade solution with an affordable and scalable subscription model. This enables both medium and large corporations to rapidly implement powerful integration solutions without the need for substantial upfront planning or capital-intensive infrastructure.


R 8 650 Monthly (annual commitment)
  • 10 active workflows
  • No limit stored workflows
  • 5 million tasks / month
  • 7 days of activity logs
  • 1 Site
  • 20 users
  • 10 hours free PS / year
  • Silver SLA is included
  • Access to templates
  • All product connectors
  • All tech connectors
  • Choice of region
  • Environments
  • Unlimited connections
  • Unlimited data imports
  • Visual data mapper
  • Visual workflow design


R 17 250 Monthly (annual commitment)
  • 25 active workflows
  • No limit stored workflows
  • 10 million tasks / month
  • 30 days of activity logs
  • 2 Sites
  • 50 users
  • 25 hours free PS / year
  • Silver SLA is included
  • Everything in Base
  • Dependency insights
  • Enterprise API
  • Revision management


R 34 550 Monthly (annual commitment)
  • 50 active workflows
  • No limit stored workflows
  • 15 million tasks / month
  • 60 days of activity logs
  • 4 Sites
  • 100 users
  • 50 hours free PS / year
  • Silver SLA is included
  • Everything in Standard
  • Release management
  • Role-based access

Enterprise (from)

R 69 950 Monthly (annual commitment)
  • 100 active workflows
  • No limit stored workflows
  • 20 million tasks / month
  • 180 days of activity logs
  • 8 Sites
  • Unlimited users
  • 75 hours free PS / year
  • Silver SLA is included
  • Everything in Professional
  • Private Cloud Available



“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.”

– Winston Churchill

Contact us

Contact us


Technology Selection

Our technology selection process helps you to select the best-fit solution by focusing on your core business requirements rather than bells and whistles enabling you to compare multiple systems in a single and online process.

Project Preparation

Our project preparation services help you prepare your team for the change that the project and new solution brings by addressing capacity and master data challenges proactively.

BluePrint Support

Our BluePrint support services help you and the implementation partner to be on the same page from the get-go and enabling you to control the project scope and cost better.

Implementation Support

Our implementation support services establish a strong governance structure and an integrated project and change management approach that drives project success.

Post Go-Live Support

Our post-go-live support services assist your team from go-live up to the first month-end, enabling you to focus on the business while we manage the loose ends.

“We understand technology, but talk business.”

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